FRIDAY, April 19, 6:15 pm

We've gotten another request this week, this time for one of the films from the new Film Noir Archives set reviewed elsewhere on this website. So what th' heck, let's go with the very first film in the set, Address Unknown, a wartime thriller

A German expatriate who runs an SF art gallery returns to the Fatherland and falls under the sway of Nazism, to the horror of his partner back in the Bay.

Paul Lukas and Morris Carnovsky are our two conflicting partners; Carol Esmond is the upright Baron with the Fascist heart. In some ways, the most impressive film in the entire set (and it landed two Oscar® nominations, for its Art Direction and its Score) and since when did style over substance ever bother noir fans?

 (1944 / 75 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

Also on the Program

Once again we've got not one, not three, but TWO Merrie Melodies cartoons, Fallen Hare and Inky and the Mynah Bird, and don't forget it's a "Drawbridge Disaster" in the fourth fear-inducing episode of our serial, The Master Key. And what th' heck, we haven't had the Stooges on our show in a while, how 'bout Rip, Sew, and Stitch (1953), the Stooges' 150th Columbia Short Subject!

Finally, our TravelTalks takes us to Colorful Bombay and Vitaphone presents Hal Kemp and his Orchestra.

Coming Distractions

Upcoming shows include Stan & Ollie, a western, more film noir, and a foreign picture. Details to follow via secret code, no doubt.

 ADDRESS UNKNOWN (1944) Dir. William Cameron Menzies