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Olive Films has a new Blu-ray out of one of Roger Corman's most interesting 1960s films. It's a movie for the turned-on generation: The Trip is in the Balcony!

Lee Zahler is a name well-known to serial fans and B-movie aficionados for his thrilling and memorable film scores. I'll bet you didn't know about the fascinating life of his son Gordon, though. A new book tells the unbelievable yet true story of Gordon Zahler, who supplied the music for everything from Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space to Daktari and Cowboy in Africa! It's all in a new book called Strange as It Seems.

Over the years, several times your Wacky Webmaster has been told, 'Ever seen Serial with Martin Mull? It's hilarious!" Well, your W.W. has seen it now, courtesy of a new Blu-ray from Olive Films, and yeah, it's not only pretty funny, it has the best lookin' women of 1980 in it, always a nice bonus. Read our review of Serial, watch the film, and then take a cold shower. 

Sidney Poitier and Bobby Darin give a class in effective acting in a hard-hitting psychological drama about race in Stanley Kramer's 1962 film Pressure Point.

The Warner Archive keeps delighting us with surprises on Blu-ray; this month brought us not one but two new Alfred Hitchcock HD offerings. We review our favorite this week, the criminally underrated I Confess.


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